January 6, 2004, San Francisco

Thursby Announces Release of DAVE v5

Today, at Macworld Expo in San Francisco, Thursby Software Systems, Inc.
announced the new release of DAVE v5. Since the early days of Mac OS 8, DAVE
has been the leading solution for connecting Apple Macintosh personal
computers into existing Microsoft networks.

“Our customers tell us that security continues to be one of their biggest
concerns,” says George Colley, President of Thursby. “We continue to enhance
our products in response to what our customers need and want,” Colley adds.

“Microsoft’s Windows Server 2003 enhanced the default network security by
using what is referred to as NTLMv2 and SMB signing. Thursby has the only
SMB product offerings for the Macintosh that will work with these machines
without degrading the security level,” says Colley.

This major enhancement to DAVE was done with both state-of-the-art and
legacy machines in mind. Recognizing that there is still a great need for
continued Mac OS 9 support, DAVE v5 includes Windows Server 2003 support for
Mac OS 10.3 as well as Mac OS 9.x systems.

DAVE v5 is immediately available from Thursby’s Web site
( For new pricing information and product details,
contact sales at or call sales at 817-478-5070.

Thursby Software Systems has been developing, supporting and marketing a
wide variety of software solutions since 1986. In addition to the industry
standard file and print-sharing product, DAVE, Thursby products include
ADmitMac, TSStalk and MacNFS. For additional information, see the Web site
or contact Irene Taylor at (END)