FmPro Migrator 1.62EE updated for FileMaker to Access
and SQL Server migrations

1-5-2004 – Fremont, CA – .com Solutions Inc.
releases FmPro Migrator 1.62 Enterprise Edition – Update generates
Perl CGI scripts for FileMaker databases migrated to Access and SQL
FmPro Migrator is a MacOS X application ($50)
which migrates FileMaker databases to MySQL, Oracle, Access, SQL
Server, Sybase and DB2. Solutions Inc. has updated FmPro Migrator 1.62 Enterprise Edition
with additional Perl CGI scripting capability. Database and web
developers can now instantly generate Perl CGI scripts for each layout
within FileMaker databases migrated to Microsoft Access and Microsoft
SQL Server.
Improvements incorporated into this latest
release include:
Saving money on ODBC drivers – The Perl CGI scripts generated by FmPro
Migrator can save web developers thousands of dollars per UNIX web
server which would normally be required for licensing ODBC drivers.
The licensing costs for ODBC driver software is typically between
$3000 and $10,000 per production web server. Perl CGI scripts
generated for Access and SQL Server databases for Linux/UNIX/MacOS X
web servers utilize open source Perl DBI:Proxy software which
eliminates the need for ODBC drivers to be installed on each web
server. Each Perl CGI script makes a DBI:Proxy connection to the
database server and utilizes the ODBC drivers which were installed on
the database server when the database was originally
SQL Server Migration Script Improvements – The
SQL Server database table name is now specified in a fully qualified
manner within the Perl ODBC scripts. This enhancement enables the
migration scripts to work correctly even if the database name is not
specified within the SQL Server ODBC DSN.
Perl CGI Script Improvements – Perl CGI scripts
generated by FmPro Migrator now incorporate improvements including the
addition of "Integers Only" data validation.
FmPro Migrator GUI Improvements – The FmPro
Migrator graphical interface has been improved by allowing the loading
of configuration files with file names exceeding 31 characters in
length. Additional improvements include allowing the use of underscore
characters within database username fields, and the automatic entry of
TCP/IP port numbers whenever making a selection from the database
Existing customers holding licenses for FmPro
Migrator Enterprise Edition may upgrade at no charge to this latest
revision. Existing customers of the Lite and STD editions of FmPro
Migrator may upgrade to the Enterprise Edition for the difference in
price between the products.
FmPro Migrator utilizes specialized features of
MacOS X, therefore it is available only for MacOS X. A free demo
version of FmPro Migrator may be downloaded from (a
size=”-1″). For more info please see: (a
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