MacInTouch recently conducted its 2003 Reader Choice Poll and have posted the winners to its Web site. “Our goal with the 2003 MacInTouch Reader Choice Poll was to identify interesting and trustworthy Mac products, based on the experience of people who are actually using them,” notes the site. “We posted poll questions on the MacInTouch website on Monday December 8, 2003 and had collected 1,900 entries when we closed the poll 24 hours later.” Winners in the following categories include: Apple Products: iPod/iTunes (Best Product), Power Mac G5 and PowerBook G4 (Best Hardware), and Mac OS X Panther (Best Software). Third-Party Products: BBEdit (Best Product), Eudora (Communication), Photoshop and GraphicConverter (Graphics and Publishing), and LaunchBar (Utilities). A complete list of winners is available from the site.