Enhanced QuickTime External For Revolution
Brings New Capabilities to Revolution

Salt Lake City, Utah
December 16th, 2003

Blue Mango Multimedia, LLC today announced the Enhanced QuickTime External,
which extends the QuickTime features available to the Revolution software
development system. The external is available for Mac OS X, Mac OS 9, and

The Enhanced QuickTime External greatly expands the capabilities available
to Revolution developers. In addition to playing movies and responding to
callback messages, the external adds support for advanced QuickTime
features such as wired actions, editing, movie download status, and
intermovie communication.

Developers can now create QuickTime-rich Revolution applications that allow
creation and editing of QuickTime movies. Editing support includes:
* Saving movies
* Disabling save
* Exporting
* Extracting a track from a movie
* Deleting tracks
* Copy and paste
* Add and add scaled

HREFTracks can be created, annotations can be modified, and looping
information can be retrieved and stored within a movie. Developers can also
precisely control audio in QuickTime movies: for example, specifying bass
and treble levels, and panning between speakers.

The external also greatly enhances the ability of wired QuickTime
developers to integrate their wired movies into Revolution applications.
Wired QuickTime support includes executing sprite events, getting and
setting sprite variables, setting qtlists for a movie as well as individual
tracks, and processing the ApplicationNumberAndString message. Revolution
applications can also receive messages whenever a new text sample is loaded
in a movie.

Trevor DeVore of Blue Mango Multimedia said, “We’re really excited about
this external. QuickTime is a powerful environment, and the external opens
up a whole new area of possibilities for Revolution developers who want to
integrate QuickTime into their applications. The wired QuickTime support is
especially powerful, and makes Revolution an ideal development environment
for integrating your wired QT movies with desktop applications. ”

Kevin Miller, CEO of Runtime Revolution, said, “This new external will make
QuickTime’s powerful feature set even more accessible for Revolution
applications. Trevor’s work will benefit the entire Revolution developer

The Enhanced QuickTime External is a community project started by Blue
Mango Multimedia, and is available for free from their website. To download
the latest version, visit

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