For Release December 16, 2003


Award-winning Mac OS X file browser and integrated file utility boasts
deeper, more comprehensive Mac OS 10.3 (“Panther”) integration, new
features, speed, and more.

LOS ANGELES, California(Dec. 16, 2003) — Today, Cocoatech announced
the release of Path Finder 3.1. This new version extends and improves
on Path Finder’s integration with Mac OS 10.3 (“Panther”), adds some
new tools, and improves existing features, preferences, and
performance. This is a free upgrade for existing Path Finder 3.0 users.

Today’s upgrade includes the following enhancements:

* Contextual Menu editor:You can now customize Path Finder’s contextual
and action menus.
* Improved Spring-loaded folders:The spring-loaded folders feature has
been completely rewritten, and vastly improved.
* Expanded Panther integration:
o The preview window and drawer now use the Webcore frameworks for web
page rendering
o You can now edit and save Microsoft Word documents using Path
Finder’s integrated text editor.
o New Panther-like zooming when opening files and applications
* Speed and Memory improvements:Large sections of code have been
re-written and optimized for increased performance and memory usage.
* Documentation:Updated help files have been, and a new help viewer has
been added.
* Lots more:There has been dozens of interface tweaks, feature
improvements, and enhancements throughout this version.

Path Finder 3.1 is downloadable as a fully functional demo, and
requires a minimum of Mac OS 10.3. A new single-user license costs $34
US. and upgrades from versions of Path Finder earlier than version 3.0
are $9 US.

For a full feature list, more details on Path Finder 3.1, and for
screenshots of the application’s many new features, please visit the
Cocoatech web site:


A complete report of changes in Path Finder 3.1 is available here: