Trolltech Introduces Qt Solutions
New widgets and custom components to save development time

December 10, 2003 =96 Oslo, Norway–Trolltech=AE, a leader in multiplatform
development frameworks, is pleased to announce the Qt=AE Solutions group.
This group provides new add-on components and tools to extend and
enhance the Qt application framework.

Qt Solutions provide platform and industry specific tools and
components, as well as cutting-edge components that are too new to
include directly in the Qt framework releases. Qt Solutions Components
are designed to plug directly into projects based on Qt.
“We’re doing this to make life easier and more productive for our
customers,” said Haavard Nord, CEO and co-founder of Trolltech. “Qt
Solutions provides developers with powerful components and tools that
make developing with Qt even easier.”

With this announcement, Trolltech is releasing the first eleven Qt
Solutions components and tools. These include:

SOAP: The SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) component implements this
XML-based standard for describing how to exchange messages. The Qt SOAP
component provides web service support with version 1.1 of the SOAP

MFC migration tool: The Qt/MFC Migration Framework tool assists in the
migration of existing Win32 or MFC applications to the Qt toolkit.

Pie Menu: The Pie Menu component provides circular pie menus.

QtService: The QtService component is useful for developing Windows
services and Unix daemons.

Single Application: The QtSingleApplication component provides support
for applications that can only be started once per user.

SSL Filter: The QtSSLFilter component provides SSL encryption support
for QSocket controlled network connections.

Undo/Redo Framework: This component is an undo/redo framework based on
the Command design pattern.

MML Widget: The QtMmlWidget component renders mathematical formulas
written in MathML 2.0.

Thumb Wheel: The QtThumbWheel component provides a vertical or
horizontal thumb-wheel widget.

Window Menu: The Window Menu component provides a popup menu that
contains a list of windows that are currently displayed in a QWorkspace.

XEmbed: The XEmbed component allows developers to easily run Unix/X11
programs inside their Qt application.

Currently, all the Qt Solutions mentioned are freely available to Qt
Enterprise licensees. Some components will be available under dual open
source and commercial licenses.

About Trolltech:
Trolltech is a software company with two flagship products: Qt and
Qtopia. Qt is a multi-platform C++ application framework developers can
use to write single-source applications that run — natively — on
Windows, Linux, UNIX, Mac OS X and embedded Linux. Qt has been used to
build thousands of successful commercial applications worldwide, and is
the basis of the open source KDE desktop environment. Qtopia is the
first comprehensive application environment built for embedded Linux,
and is used in Sharp’s line of Zaurus PDAs. Trolltech is headquartered
in Oslo, Norway, with offices in Brisbane, Australia, and Palo Alto,
California. More about Trolltech can be found at