MaxiToolbar Pro 1.3

Cross-Platform Toolbar Classes for REALbasic Developers

LOS ANGELES, California (December 9, 2003) – Electric Butterfly is proud to
announce the immediate availability of MaxiToolbar Pro 1.3, a cross-platform
toolbar solution for REALbasic developers. Formerly known as Toolbar
Buttons Pro from Everyday Software, Electric Butterfly has acquired these
REALbasic classes and renamed them MaxiToolbar Pro. Along with new features
and enhancements, MaxiToolbar Pro 1.3 is a free upgrade for all registered
Toolbar Buttons Pro customers.

With MaxiToolbar Pro, REALbasic developers can add Mac OS X-style toolbars
to their Mac OS X, Mac OS 9, and Microsoft Windows applications. Even
though the cross-platform classes emulate Mac OS X toolbars, they include
appearance optimizations for both Mac OS 9 and Windows. Windows developers
will find MaxiToolbar Pro to be well suited for Windows XP applications.


* Toolbar Controller Class includes a toolbar contextual menu, and a popup
menu for hidden toolbar buttons.
* Toggle Button Views (icon and caption, icon only, caption only).
* Auto-Spaces Buttons for proper alignment and sequencing on toolbar.
* Separator Line Class for adding separators inbetween buttons.
* Create custom buttons with the Toolbar Item super class.
* Resizes Interface Controls when the toolbar view changes.
* Support for Help Tags on toolbar buttons.
* Appearance Savvy cross-platform optimizations.
* Unlimited E-mail Tech Support for registered customers.


* New Flexible Spacer Class allows you to place an icon button on the far
right side of your toolbar.
* New iconDepth Button Property.
* New Constants for Localizing.
* Carbon Events Plugin is NO Longer Required!
* New Built-in Registration System.
* Now Available for Both the Mac and Windows REALbasic IDE.
* Revised and expanded Developer Guide (PDF).
* Now ROYALTY-FREE for use in all your compiled applications.

Information and Screen Shots:

Macintosh Download:

Windows Download:

MaxiToolbar Pro is now ROYALTY-FREE, so for only $30.00 US (per developer),
you can add MaxiToolbar Pro to all your REALbasic projects and distribute
your compiled applications with NO additional fees! Convert the Demo
version into a Registered version and receive unlimited e-mail tech support
by purchasing a MaxiToolbar Pro Serial Number at

MaxiToolbar Pro was Made with REALbasic and
Requires REALbasic 4.0 or higher.