VVI Adds 3D Graphs And Updates To Mac OS X 10.3
December 1, 2003

VVI today announced version 9.0.10 of its Vvidget graphing system.
John Brilhart, Chief Technical Officer of VVI, made this statement:

“Vvidget Pro is the most advanced and powerful reporting and data
visualization system available. The newest release adds three
dimensional surface and scatter plots with features such as real-time
3D rotation, surface normal shading and depth queuing, printing, PDF
exporting and drag and drop to text editors, mail and other
applications. All available in a breathtaking and powerful GUI layout
application, a high-transaction report server, data-oriented wizard
interfaces, Interface Builder drag and drop palette, and a
cream-of-the-crop programming API and framework design. When Bud
Tribble, now V.P. of Software Technology at Apple, saw it he said it
was the most exciting piece of software of its kind that he had seen.

Customers use Vvidget Pro to display data from Oracle database servers,
Reuters stock feeds, National Instruments DAQ cards, and a wide range
of other sources both commercial and proprietary. For example, Vvidget
Pro has been used by customers to control laboratory instruments and
display results in real time, monitoring batch chemical processes with
data acquired from multiple sensors, display all the trades on an
entire stock exchange, such as the NYSE, in real time as they happen
and report on financial portfolios. Those are just a few ways customers
take advantage of Vvidget Pro.

VVI made the first graphing application for Mac OS X, Apple shipped it
with Mac OS X’s predecessor, Rhapsody operating system, and our
reporting software and systems are based on over a decade of innovative
software design and customer use studies and is continually improved.
It is designed with a component architecture so very specific layouts
and formats can be assembled and integrated into customer’s operations
which provides results that look and perform better than others, which
is, after all, why they want Vvidget Pro. It also comes with a
significant number of pre-assembled form, report, chart and graph types
available through the programming API and through the various end user

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