Elgato Systems today announced the EyeTV 300 and EyeTV 400 digital video recorders, making it possible to watch, record, edit and archive digital satellite and terrestrial television on the Mac. EyeTV 300 for digital satellite television (DVB-S) and EyeTV 400 for digital terrestrial television (DVB-T) will be available in selected stores in early December for €349, in countries where the DVB standard is being supported. “EyeTV 300 and EyeTV 400 represent a huge upgrade in the level of television quality that Mac users will be able to enjoy,” said Markus Fest, Elgato Systems’ founder and CTO in the press release. “Digital video broadcasting uses the MPEG-2 compression standard, which is also used on DVD. The remarkable picture and sound quality of MPEG-2 provides EyeTV users with an incredible television experience.”