OpenOSX Ships Gimp 2 Preview

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif.–(OPENOSX-COM)–November 25th, 2003– OpenOSX today
announced the immediate availability of an all-new Gimp 2.0 Preview product
based on the current developer’s release of the popular photo-manipulation
software, The Gimp 1.3.23. The new product offers a multitude of new
features, improvements and enhancements over the previous version of “The
Gimp” software.

The product has been accelerated for the Apple Power Macintosh G5 processor
and is an easy-to-use solution for quickly and effortlessly installing and
utilizing the popular, open source “The GIMP” software, offering users
sophisticated photo manipulation and graphic tools. The new product brings:
all new software including GNOME 2.4.1, additional features including
vector paths, editable paths and text, a much refined interface sporting a
“Panther” look an feel, and has been compiled to utilize G5 processor
capabilities and much more.

This is the first version of the OpenOSX Gimp product based on the Gimp
1.3.x series offering a preview of The Gimp 2.0. This version is based on
pre-released software; however, OpenOSX’s extensive testing has determined
the build is quite mature, very stable and useable. OpenOSX cautions that
it is based on software that is considered a work in progress and extra
caution should be exercised, and is not recommending it for
mission-critical work. The build has been specifically built for Mac OS X
10.3 and the Power Macintosh G5, offering a new level of performance, and
it will still operate on older Mac OS X systems.

The product features a customizable single-click installer that will
install the long list of requisite software libraries required to run The
Gimp 1.3.23 on Mac OS X effortlessly, along with complete documentation (in
both PDF and HTML formats), tutorials, over 100 fonts, brushes, patterns,
600 megabytes of Plug-Ins and a mirror of the official Gimp website.

The OpenOSX Gimp 2.0 Preview 1 product is available immediately for us$30
on CD-ROM with download-only delivery available for $25 and upgrades from
previous versions of the Gimp product are us$20 on CD-ROM and $15 for
download. OpenOSX will continue to concurrently offer their Gimp 1.2.5
product and both products will operate harmoniously when installed on the
same system. Additionally OpenOSX has complementary, specially priced,
O’Reilly book bundles and 6-month hassle-free CD-subscriptions available.
Limited installation support and documentation is included with all
purchases. Visit the OpenOSX web site for more details at:

OpenOSX is a company dedicated to serving, and expanding, the Macintosh
community. Founded on the premise that many computer users are intimidated
by the UNIX command-line, OpenOSX committed itself to one mission- bringing
popular Unix software to both the “Unix-challenged” and the seasoned, Mac
inclined system administrator in a friendly, Mac environment.