Netopia Releases netOctopus Systems Manager 5.0

Netopia’s Enterprise Systems Management Solution Provides Enhanced Asset
Management Tools, and Support for Apple’s Panther OS

Emeryville, CA October 30, 2003 – Netopia, Inc. (NASDAQ: NTPA), a market
leader in broadband equipment, software and services, today released
version 5.0 of its netOctopus=AE Systems Manager for Windows and Mac OS X
including “Panther”. IT managers have long used Netopia’s award-winning
netOctopus Enterprise Systems Manager to inventory, track and remotely
manage all computers and software on a corporate network. netOctopus
Enterprise Systems Manager is an indispensable tool for systems
administrators managing both Windows and Macintosh computers.

Netopia’s new release includes many important feature upgrades and
enhancements, including MSI compliant installers, improved software
recognition and inventory, updated netOctopus Agent deployment tools, and
an entirely new custom fields module designed to enable total lifecycle
management of network assets. This new custom fields module allows
administrators to create a virtually unlimited number of fields for their
asset management databases and perform calculations on those fields with
each update. For example, netOctopus can now be used to track depreciation
of assets.

“Our development is very customer-driven, and our customers tend to be
early adopters. That’s why we wanted to be one of the first to support
Panther,” observed Jeff Porter, vice president at Netopia.

“With over 150 new features, Panther is way ahead of the competition and
sets a new gold standard for desktop operating systems,” said Ron Okamoto,
Apple’s vice president of Worldwide Developer Relations. “Netopia’s asset
management software enables network administrators to easily manage all
systems and software on a corporate network including Mac users who will
take advantage of Panther, Apple’s fourth major release in four years.”

netOctopus Enterprise Systems Manager Overview

netOctopus Enterprise Systems Manager is a comprehensive systems management
solution, offering automated PC hardware and software inventory, remote
configuration, and software distribution. Companies using netOctopus can
reduce support costs by reducing technician travel time, auditing software
licenses, and automating routine administrative tasks. Collecting and
storing more than 500 hardware and software information items in its
database, and offering an unlimited number of customized reports, Netopia’s
systems management solution is an indispensable asset management tool.
With its integrated Installer VISE software, netOctopus can create custom
installer packages and push out new software, upgrades or patches to
managed computers throughout the company network. Powerful remote
configuration capabilities allow administrators to change numerous system
parameters on managed computers without ever leaving their desks.
netOctopus Enterprise Systems Manager is the only full-featured systems
management software for both Windows and Macintosh operating systems.


netOctopus Enterprise Systems Manager 5.0 is available online at, and will be shipping on CDs in November. Existing
customers will receive email notification of upgrade availability.

About Netopia

Netopia, Inc. is a market leader in broadband and wireless
products/services that simplify and enhance broadband delivery to
residential and business-class customers. Netopia’s offerings enable
carriers and broadband service providers to improve their profitability
with feature-rich DSL smart modems, routers and gateways, software that
simplifies installation and reduces ongoing support needs, as well as
value-added services to enhance their revenue generation. Netopia’s Wi-Fi
CERTIFIED=D4 gateways include 3-D Reach=D4 technology delivering enhanced
wireless range, security and performance.

Netopia’s DSL smart modems, routers and gateways come with a suite of
installation wizards and support utilities that offer a comprehensive
approach to installation, deployment, service provisioning, application
setup, self-diagnostics and troubleshooting. Netopia provides value-added
services with its server software platform, including the netOctopus=D2 suit=
of gateway and PC management and customer support software solutions, as
well as the Web eCommerce server software. netOctopus Desktop Support and
eCare software enable broadband service providers and enterprises to
support customers and devices by remotely viewing and operating the desktop
or other device.

Netopia has established strategic distribution relationships with leading
carriers and broadband service providers including BellSouth, Covad
Communications, EarthLink, Eircom, France Telecom, Hong Kong Telecom/PCCW,
MegaPath Networks, Netifice, SBC Communications, Swisscom, Telecom Italia
and Verizon.

Headquartered in Emeryville, Calif., Netopia’s common stock trades on The
Nasdaq Stock Market=AE under the symbol “NTPA.” Further information about
Netopia can be obtained via phone 510-420-7400, fax 510-420-7601, or on the
Web at