Subject: [ANN] macstl 0.1.5 released — Xcode compatibility
From: Glen Low (

Pixelglow Software has just updated macstl to 0.1.5, which now works
with Mac OS X 10.3 Panther and Xcode 1.0. The new version also has
fixes for older gcc 3.1 and 3.3 compilers. (436K)

macstl is a C++ source library designed to bring the Macintosh into the
world of modern generic programming. The cornerstone is a fast valarray
optimized for Altivec: it runs 3.9x – 18.2x faster than gcc 3.3
libstdc++ and 5.2x – 16.2x faster than Metrowerks MSL C++. Developers
unfamiliar with Altivec can write to a portable, intuitive and standard
component, and just flicking a single compiler switch will make it run
fast on a G4 or G5, or run correctly on other non-Altivec systems.

The license is BSD-like, which means you can change, redistribute,
resell, chop up or burn the source code to your heart’s content without
fee. However, if you want to compile into object code for more than 30
days, you should register a single non-commerical for $49, a a single
commercial for $99 or unlimited commercial for $499. Object code is
similarly free from royalties and additional fees, and you get priority
support and a share of subsequent fees for code and debug contributions.

Now builds with Xcode 1.0.
Fixed altivec functions not compiling in gcc 3.1: “tree_list not
supported by dump_expr”.
Reduced download size by removing build directories.
Fixed altivec abs ambiguity.
Fixed internal valarray #includes.
Fixed uninitialized_copy_n not compiling with non-random access

Cheers, Glen Low