One Percent Software Announces ProjectLocker

AUSTIN, Texas — October 29, 2003
One Percent Software is proud to announce the immediate availability of our
new service, ProjectLocker. ProjectLocker is designed to help software
teams build better software faster. ProjectLocker managed project solutions
save time by eliminating the administrative burden of maintaining project
infrastructure. With ProjectLocker, developers can focus on building
business value instead of slogging though system administration tasks.
That’s better for business, and the developers will like it too. Managers
and customers will like the improved quality that comes from following best

The debut release of ProjectLocker consists of two core components needed
on any software project: source control and bug tracking.

ProjectLocker’s managed source control system uses a secured version of the
industry-standard CVS as its base. Our 24×7 Network Operations Center
ensures availability, and all data is stored on redundant servers and
backed up daily. ProjectLocker does the dirty work so you don’t have to.

ProjectLocker Issue Management is a fully-featured Web-based bug tracking
system. In contrast to other issue management tools, ProjectLocker provides
substantially greater flexibility and fewer limitations. With
ProjectLocker, teams can easily customize their issue types (i.e. bug,
feature), severity levels, user roles, and more. ProjectLocker doesn’t
require teams to change their process and language to fit the bug tracker.
ProjectLocker also provides tools for project managers, including
sophisticated querying and reporting.

Together, ProjectLocker Source Control and Issue Management provide the
foundation for successful development projects. ProjectLocker is ideal for
new software projects, as well as those that aren’t currently following
best practices but want to start.

Both ProjectLocker services are available immediately at

Introductory per-user pricing for ProjectLocker is $20 per month for

Source Control and $15 per month for ProjectLocker Issue Management.
Discount pricing is available for extended contracts and large enterprises.

One Percent Software is an Austin, Texas based software company
specializing in XML Web Services. Contact One Percent Software on the Web
at or by phone at +1 (800) 806-5482.