VVI Updates Graphing Software
September 25, 2003

VVI today announced version 8.6.1 of its Vvidget graphing system. John
Brilhart, Chief Technical Officer of VVI, made this statement:

“The newest version of Vvidget adds polar, log-r polar and point fill
plots to the existing plot types. With the wizards, you can enter a
list of numbers and click a button to get the graph you want. Even
representations like point fill polar plots are easy to make. We’ve
also improved PDF pasteboard exporting, inspector tabbing and adjusted
a lot of small features to make things easier. Add these new features
to existing ones and you have a very powerful system for making graphs
and technical diagrams.

Vvidget User was the first graphing application for Mac OS X and is
based on over a decade of innovative software design and customer use
studies and is continually improved. We’ve been releasing new versions
about every month with a very aggressive customer-oriented beta testing

To view real-time equity portfolios and charts provided by Vvidget
please see http://www.marketocracy.com. To learn more about Vvidget
User see http://www.vvi.com/products/vvidgetuser.