Announcement of DCVS Release 0.1.8

elego Software Solutions GmbH is pleased to announce the release of
Distributed CVS 0.1.8. The Distributed Concurrent Versions System (DCVS)
extends the well-known version control system CVS and the file distribution
and synchronization program CVSup with functionality to distribute CVS
repositories with local lines of development. DCVS handles synchronization
of the distributed repositories automatically in the background.

The code is freely distributable under the GNU and BSD style licenses (for
the CVS and CVSup part, respectively).

Release 0.1.8 of DCVS contains the following changes/extensions:

o import of CVS 1.12.1
o import of current CVSup sources from John Polstra o secure transport via s=
o improved build system (simultaneous build support for
heterogenous platforms)
o test expect data, test diff automation o miscellaneous bug fixes

The projects homepage provides the option
for download of DCVS and access to release notes, bug tracking and
further information.

About elego Software Solutions GmbH

elego Software Solutions GmbH, founded in 2001, provides advice and support
in all questions of analysis, organization, and optimization of the
software development process. The team focuses on version control and
configuration management.

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