Apparently taking a cue from the tight integration of Apple’s iPod and iTunes Music Store, Samsung has announced plans to co-market a new line of digital music players with the soon-to-be-relaunched Napster 2.0 service. The Samsung-Napster YP-910 Player includes a 20GB hard drive, measures 108 millimeters by 70 millimeters by 20 millimeters (“a little on the thick side”), weighs 60 grams (“a third the weight of the 40GB iPod”), and supports both MP3 and Windows Media Audio files. It also offers USB 2.0, an FM radio, and a rechargable battery for up to 10 hours of use. “Samsung is trying to do what Apple Computer has done with its iPod music players and iTunes online music store,” said Michael Kelleher, an analyst with market research firm Yankee Group in Boston.