QuickerTek(tm) Announces Base Station Antenna Kits
For Apple(r) AirPort(r) Base Stations

WICHITA, KS – 09/16/2003 – QuickerTek, developers of PowerBook(r) antennas
for Titanium PowerBooks and external antennas for both the Graphite and
Snow wireless base stations, is now shipping their AntennaKit, an external
antenna that works with Apple’s Snow and both versions of Apple’s Extreme
Airport Base Stations. The AntennaKit typically increases signal strength
up to 50%, increases line-of-sight distance by an average of 250 yards, and
makes it easy for users to install their own antennas, even on base
stations that do not provide external antenna ports. The price of the
AntennaKit is $129.

The kit includes a 5Dbi Omni directional antenna along with the necessary
connections, brackets and illustrated installation instructions.
Installation in Snow Base Stations requires drilling a small hole in the
cover (a hole guide is provided in the kit).

“Customer’s who bought our existing Base Station antennas have been
thrilled with the performance improvements,” said Rick Estes, President of
QuickerTek. “However, they either had to send us their Base Stations for
upgrading or they had to re-program the upgraded one we sent them – now
with our AntennaKit, they can easily and quickly install the antenna,
greatly increase their performance and they don’t need to re-program

QuickerTek recommends that owners of Titanium PowerBooks purchase a Whip
Antenna either along with their AntennaKit, or prior to buying the kit.
Bernice, a recent QuickerTek customer wrote, “I think the Whip Antenna is
terrific. It makes my Airport card usable at last. I get a very strong

Couple the Whip Antenna with the Base Station AntennaKit and the results
are truly impressive. The web site has a chart with performance data here:

For more information contact, QuickerTek, 7777 E. Osie Street, Suite 304B,
Wichita, KS 67207, phone 316-691-1585, sales@quickertek.com or online at