Post.Office: Simple, Secure & Powerful
Now with SpamAssassin & New Plug-in Architecture

Santa Barbara, CA, September 11, 2003. Post.Office 3.5.3 version 720,
the premier mail server and list server for Mac OS X, is now available
for Mac OS X as a free upgrade, with new features and extended SPAM
filtering. Post.Office is being used around the world to support 10s of
thousands of mailboxes on Solaris, NT and other platforms. However,
outside of Japan, this powerful, scalable mail server is now only
supported on Apple’s Mac OS X. The new Mac OS X version includes
improved IMAP handling, improved and extended relay protection in the
form of POP-before-SMTP and SMTP Authentication, and a new plug-in
architecture to support external mail processing engines. The popular
SpamAssassin has been added to Post.Office as the first plug-in.

SpamAssassin ( filters SPAM using a wide
range of techniques, including a Bayesian Classification scheme
considered 98% accurate. It requires no configuration. Tenon’s
built-in SPAM filtering can be used in combination with SpamAssassin to
create personalized header filters, block specific IPs and to take
advantage of specific real-time black hole sites. A customer-maintained
“Post.Office Stop SPAM” Wiki site (
is also available as a SPAM fighting resource.

Post.Office is offered on a sliding scale, depending upon how many
mailboxes and mailing lists are needed. A starter package is available
for $295, supporting 100 mailboxes and 10 lists. Mailboxes or lists can
be purchased in blocks of 100 for $150 ($75 educational). For thousands
of mailboxes, a range of packages are available to cater to
Universities, corporate enterprises, and ISPs. WebEdge, a web-based
mail client is a one-time $500 add-on. The software is also available
pre-configured on an Xserve box to the users specifications. For 10
accounts or less, both Post.Office and WebEdge are FREE!

Tenon Intersystems, under the auspices of their Japanese partner, Open
Technologies, has brought Openwave’s well-regarded Post.Office to
Apple’s Mac OS X. Founded in 1989, Tenon Intersystems is a leader in
high-performance networking. Tenon technology has provided the
framework for world-class networking on the Macintosh and Tenon is
continuing that tradition on Mac OS X. Tenon Intersystems can be
reached in the U.S. at 805-963-6983, by the internet at,
or via the web at