Compact USB Credit Card Reader Scans Cardholder Name, Number, Expiration
Into Any Macintosh Application Or Database

RALEIGH, NC, September 8th, 2003 — Intelli Innovations, Inc., developers
of innovative hardware and software for Macintosh, today introduced the
IntelliSwipe USB Credit Card Reader for Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X. Emulating a
USB keyboard, the IntelliSwipe reader types credit card information into
any application using a simple text output format.

The IntelliSwipe USB Reader features:

– Driverless operation: the reader emulates a USB keyboard to enter data
into Mac applications.

– Support for all major credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard/Eurocard,
American Express, Discover, and Diner’s Club. Follows and interprets
standard ISO 7811 guidelines.

– Compatibility with any Mac application, including FileMaker Pro, credit
card authorization software, Microsoft Office, web browsers,
point-of-sale applications, and text editors.

– Easy-to-use output data format for optimal application compatibility:

[Cardholder Name]

[Card Number]

[Expiration Date][enter]

– Embedded Good/Bad Multicolor Status LED

– Compact design with bi-directional reading capabilities, mounting holes,
and included surface mounting pads.

– Six foot pre-connected USB cable

The IntelliSwipe USB Credit Card Reader Kit is available immediately from
the Intelli Innovations Company Store ( for
$229.95 (U.S). Included in the box:

– One (1) USB Magnetic Strip Reader for Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X
– One (1) 6-foot, pre-connected USB cable
– Two (2) “Hook & Loop” Interlocking Sticky-Backed Mounting Pads

For additional information, visit the product’s web site:


About Intelli Innovations: Intelli Innovations, Inc. is a Mac-based
software development group based in Raleigh, North Carolina. Specializing
in business tools, media deployment solutions and database/communications
software, Intelli Innovations also maintains a commercial product line of
specialized industry solutions for Macintosh and Windows computer systems.