— Now Powerful and Flexible Weblog Functionality Integrates Into Online
Collaboration Environment Without Programming —

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., September 3, 2003 — Web Crossing, Inc. today
announced a powerful Weblog plug-in to quickly and easily publish Blogs in
a Web Crossing 5.0 environment. The flexible and intensely feature-rich
Weblog plug-in is free for a limited time for any Web Crossing 5.0
installation. Available immediately, additional details and a download of
the plug-in can be found at (http://www.webcrossing.com/weblogs/).

“The Weblog plug-in for Web Crossing 5.0 is awesome,” said Dan Shafer,
long-time industry pundit, author and veteran blogger
(http://www.eclecticity.com). “The two-tiered design for posts allows me to
limit what appears on my pages to pithy introductions that summarize longer
‘think’ pieces. This plug-in has all the features of all of the other blog
tools I’ve looked at and then some, coupled with a powerful database engine
underneath it all to make this a compelling tool.”

“The Weblog Plug-in makes it incredibly easy to add blogging to any Web
Crossing collaborative environment,” explained Tim Lundeen, president and
CEO of Web Crossing, Inc. “We’ve been using these blogs in-house to quickly
share progress reports and company information. The Weblog Plug-in is a
great example of how easy it is to extend Web Crossing’s core functionality
in just minutes, without any programming.”

Weblog Plug-in Offers Power and Flexibility The new Weblog plug-in is a
quick download and installs directly into a Web Crossing 5.0 environment
and with no configuration necessary. The Weblog plug-in instantly extends
the system to include easily customizable, flexible Weblogs with support
for categories. Web Crossing Weblogs can be access protected, with access
groups designated at the time of posting, to display a particular Weblog or
a single entry, only to those authorized to view it.

Web Crossing’s Weblog plug-in supports “moblogging,” allowing users to post
from email-enabled mobile phones. Users can be notified of Weblog updates
via email or RSS subscriptions, and can post via Web forms or standard
email. Web Crossing Weblog posts appear instantly with no FTP required.
Providing multiple presentation options, the Weblog plug-in allows
standard, individual blog posts, a summary-style post with link to the
complete article, or “forum” view with visitor comments. Weblogs can also
easily and thoroughly integrate with the award-winning Web Crossing
discussion tools.

Weblogs can be owned by a single user or managed by a team of bloggers. Web
Crossing’s Weblog technology is also extensible supporting both the Blogger
API and Metaweblog API. Weblog entries can be formatted without HTML,
spell-checked, and auto-archived. Web Crossing’s lightning fast search
applies to Weblog entries and comments, including items that have been

Easy Install in the Latest Web Crossing version 5.0 The new Weblog plug-in
highlights the new customization and extensibility architecture of the
recently released Web Crossing version 5.0 that includes appearance themes,
page component options, and more. The new Plug-in architecture in Web
Crossing 5.0 makes it easy for administrators to add and update software
modules in just a few clicks. Plug-ins are downloaded by simply clicking on
the “shop for plug-ins” link from within the Control Panel.

Web Crossing 5.0 also includes a new WebFiles mirroring system used with
Web Crossing 5.0’s new built-in Web publishing feature, that allows users
to create and edit entire home page directories via most modern browsers.
All files added or modified using WebFiles or FTP are automatically
synchronized in real-time with the host file system for additional
flexibility and simplicity when maintaining large sets of files.

Pricing and Availability
The Web Crossing Weblog Plug-in is free for a limited time with any Web
Crossing 5.0 installation, whether licensed or ASP model. The recently
announced Web Crossing 5.0 upgrades are available on a traffic-based
sliding scale starting at $119.

New copies of Web Crossing 5.0 are also available as a sliding-scale
traffic-based software license starting at $295, or server hosted (ASP)
solution for maximum uptime starting at $65/month. Professional services,
community hosting and community management consulting are available for all
Web Crossing installations.

Web Crossing Express is a free Web/Mail/FTP Server environment with the
scalable, core server power of Web Crossing. Web Crossing Express does not
support discussions or accept plug-ins. Web Crossing Express can be
upgraded as needed to Web Crossing without any reinstallation.

About Web Crossing, Inc.
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Web Crossing Express is a free package, offering superb server
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