SmartFriends U: Languages and Libraries

September 2, 2003, Bay Area, California: Too busy to keep up with advances
in languages and libraries? Wish you had more time to learn about Boost,
Whisper, and a bit about those dynamic languages you hear about?

Join us for a weekend in the redwoods to hear from leading practitioners
and computer scientists. Enjoy face-to-face time with smart, friendly
professionals. Share ideas, and learn new ones.

Details and registration:

What: Expert speakers, fireside chats, and expert guides providing
lab-style walk-throughs. An affable gathering of knowledgeable attendees,
sharing ideas and insights on language and library topics. Expect plenty of
informal time to schmooze, share ideas, and work with professional peers.


Alex Stepanov The History of Abstract Algorithms
author of STL

Sean Parent Untangling Software
C++ and Value Semantics
Mac Murrett Boost, a contributor’s view of the future of C++
and the standard libraries
Paul Snively Whisper, a cross-platform C++ framework
O’Caml: putting the “funk” in “functional” (session & lab)
Lisa Lippincott an economical approach to adapting C libraries
for C++ (as exemplified by Nitrogen, an interface to
Apple’s Carbon library)
Wolf Rentzsch Objective-C: a skeptic’s introduction
Chris Page Dylan: a cure for the common code (session & lab)

When: September 26-28, Friday evening through Sunday afternoon.
Check-in starts at 3pm, dinner at 6:30pm

Where: In the redwoods of the San Francisco peninsula coastside, near Pescadero
(between Santa Cruz and Half Moon Bay).

Cost: $500. This covers everything, including meals and a double-occupancy
hotel-style room. For a bit less, $450, you can enjoy the familiar, rustic
ambience of a camp-style cabin.

Details and registration: