Microsoft today unveiled six new wireless peripherals that introduce an innovative new scroll wheel and wireless optical technologies. These new products include the Wireless IntelliMouse Explorer (US$54.95), Wireless IntelliMouse Explorer in Black Leather ($64.95 – shown at right), IntelliMouse Explorer ($44.95), Wireless Optical Mouse ($44.95), Wireless Optical Desktop Elite ($104.95), Wireless Optical Desktop Pro (104.95), Wireless Optical Desktop ($84.95) and Basic Wireless Optical Desktop ($64.95). Microsoft confirmed to MacMinute that all of these new products will be Macintosh compatible. The mice feature a new scroll wheel with proprietary “Tilt Wheel Technology” that delivers vertical and now horizontal scrolling in a single wheel. The peripherals also offer improved wireless performance and reliability, and come in a wide variety of finishes — from Platinum to Metallic Red. The new products will be widely available by the end of September with the exception of the IntelliMouse Explorer (available February 2004). Further information and technical specifications are available in the press release.