Fort Worth, TX, August 7, 2003 — Comm-Unity Networking Systems, creators of
the excellent SMTPit and POP3it email plug-ins, announces the release of
FTPit 1.5, for FileMaker Pro 4.x and above for both Macintosh and Windows
Platforms. This release adds new user-requested features and functions, as
well as several bug fixes.

FTPit uses the File Transfer Protocol to allow you to transfer files to and
from any FTP site. It also allows you to upload text from a FileMaker field
directly to a file on an FTP site. This version adds a new feature that
allows you to download a text file from an FTP site directly into a field in
your database. FTPit works directly with FileMaker and is the only
application you need to transfer files.

You can easily integrate FTPit into your existing solutions. However, a basic
knowledge of FileMaker Pro Scripting and working with plug-ins is needed. You
can gain that knowledge from our easy to read How To Use Plug-ins document
found on our website and in the FTPit download archive. The documentation
that comes with FTPit covers how to use the FTPit plug-in as well as explains
the many example databases in detail.

“This new version of FTPit has some great new functions that our users have
requested. The new WaitForQueue function makes the whole process of
transferring files easier to understand and easier to script in your
database. It should be far less confusing for our new, and even our old,
customers.” – Daniel Sims, Product Testing/Tech Support, Comm-Unity
Networking Systems

Possible Uses and Features of FTPit

– Upload or download any file you have access to on any FTP site. – Upload a
complete website using only FileMaker Pro and FTPit. – Queue multiple files
and move on to something else while FTPit transfers the files in the
background. – Watch everything that FTPit is doing with its Status Window. –
Catalog all the files on an FTP site using FTPit’s directory listing
functions. – NEW! – Download text files directly into a field in your
database. – NEW! – More example databases show you how to transfer single or
multiple files and how to use the Text functions. – NEW! – New WaitForQueue
function allows your complex FTPit scripts to flow more naturally.

Demonstration version available

A demonstration version of FTPit, along with Example Databases and
Documentation, is available from our web site listed below. The example
databases include a simple Text Transfer Example database that shows you how
to transfer text to and from a FileMaker Pro field. Other example databases
show you how to transfer Single and Multiple files to and from an FTP site.
Finally, there is also a more advanced FTP Client Example database that
mimics a normal FTP client. Until you register your copy of FTPit, it will
show a splash screen every 15 minutes that it is used. Once you register your
copy, the splash screen will no longer display.

FAQs and Articles

Check out our website periodically for new Articles and Frequently Asked
Questions. We are constantly updating them to answer our most common user
questions. You will also find Tips on how to get more from the plug-ins. If
you have a question that you think should be in our FAQ, or if you would like
to submit an Article or Tip, please contact us at the email address below.

Purchasing FTPit

You can purchase FTPit from our secure website. Simply go to and choose the “Purchase (Prices)” link at the
top of every page (in the gray area). We accept Visa, MasterCard, American
Express, and Discover. We will also accept Purchase Orders and checks under
special circumstances. Please email or call us if you would like to purchase
with a Purchase order or a check.

Our pricing structure for FTPit is as follows:

License Price Cost per License
1 User $ 45.00 $45.00 each
5 User $158.00 $31.60 each
10 User $221.00 $22.10 each
25 User $387.00 $15.48 each
50 User $542.00 $10.84 each
Site / Worldwide $759.00
Developer’s $461.00

You can purchase any number of licenses based on the above cost points per
license. Educational Discounts are available for roughly %20 percent off the
listed price. Prices are subject to change without notice.

For more information about FTPit visit our web site at or call us at 817-560-4226.

Contact Information:
Comm-Unity Networking Systems
8652 Camp Bowie West, Fort Worth, Texas 76116

Phone: 817-560-4226

Comm-Unity Networking Systems is dedicated to bringing you quality,
cross-platform FileMaker Pro Plug-ins. For more information on our company,
please visit our website.