For Immediate Release

Apago’s new Pheon conversion software for Mac OS X lowers price barrier
for digital ad delivery and cross-media publishing software

— Quickly and accurately converts between file formats commonly used for
digital ad delivery — PDF/X-1a, PDF/X-3, TIFF/IT-P1, Brisque, copydot and
— Advanced options include batch processing; setting bleed, trim and art
boxes in PDF/X-1a and PDF/X-3 files; cropping; image scaling, rotation and
compression; and ICC color matching.

Alpharetta, GA; July 24, 2003 — Apago’s new Pheon software for Mac OS X
provides advertisers, prepress professionals and publishers with a cost
effective tool for preparing high quality files for digital advertising
delivery and cross-media publishing.

Pheon software from Apago, a leading developer of workflow software for
the prepress and printing industries, is priced at only $999 – a fraction
of other competing file conversion packages. Pheon users can create highly
efficient target files in a wide range of formats, enabling users to
convert files for one or more applications – from ad delivery and proofing
to e-mail and web distribution. Pheon users can convert from TIFF/IT, Creo
Brisque, copydot, JPEG, PNG, and TIFF formats to PDF/X-1a, PDF/X-3, EPS,
DCS, JPEG, PNG and TIFF formats either on a file by file basis or using
Pheon’s Batch Processing capabilities.

Pheon offers Mac OS X users several unique features, including a
full-featured image viewer with separation preview and an eyedropper tool;
the ability to set the trim and bleed boxes required in PDF/X files; image
scaling, rotation and cropping; and color conversions using
industry-standard ICC profiles.

Production-Ready Prepress Files
“Our goal is to help advertisers and prepress professionals create the
most efficient files for publication and make them production ready before
they’re submitted,” said Dwight Kelly, President of Apago. “In addition,
Pheon can be used to repurpose and optimize files for cross-media
publishing including electronic books and Internet e-mail and web

“PDF/X is rapidly replacing TIFF/IT-P1 as the preferred format for digital
advertising. Pheon helps advertisers and prepress houses that have been
creating CT/LW files in either TIFF/IT or Creo Brisque formats to migrate
to PDF/X. Pheon’s PDF CT/LW files are compact, display efficiently in Adobe
Acrobat software and process quickly in most workflow and RIP software,”
Kelly explained.

Two unique capabilities of Pheon are the ability to accurately set the
bleed, trim and art boxes in a PDF/X file and the option to crop the CT/LW
data to the bleed box. PDF/X requires bleed and trim boxes; however, no
other conversion tool allows a user to create valid boxes. Frequently used
publication specifications can be saved in a library.

Apago Pheon software is available immediately and can be purchased from
the Apago on-line store at The company also sells its
products and technology through distributors, dealers and OEMs.