iPerch Plus Quietly Lifts And Cools Powerbooks
July 25, 2003 – For Immediate Release

Today, MacMice announces the release of its iPerch Plus fan-cooled
acrylic Powerbook desk stand.

The iPerch Plus is a 5.5-inch tall clear acrylic desk stand that
holds any model Apple G4 Powerbook at a 15-degree angle, for improved
screen viewability when in desktop usage. The product includes an
advanced Powerbook cooling system, based around a uniquely engineered
clear 80mm acrylic ball-bearing fan, coupled with proper air ducting
between the product and the Powerbook.

The iPerch Plus creates an average Powerbook surface temperature
reduction of between 15 and 30-degrees Fahrenheit. The product
creates only 20dB of sound at 2-feet distance, making it the quietest
fan-powered notebook cooling product on the market. This low
operating noise level makes the product uniquely suited for use in
audio or video production settings, classrooms, meeting areas, or
other areas demanding maximum quietness.

The iPerch Plus is available now for US$69.99 at the MacMice
Workspace Products Co. web site. (
http://www.macmice.com/iperch_plus.html )