Easy-To-Use, Affordable Barcode Scanner Built For ArcaneWare’s “Library”

ENGLISHTOWN, NJ — JULY 8, 2003 — ArcaneWare today released its
ArcaneReader USB Barcode Scanner, designed for Library, the company’s
personal book cataloging utility “for the rest of us.” The new handheld
reader is an easy-to-use solution for scanning Bookland EAN (“ISBN”)
barcodes into Library.

All users need to use the new ArcaneReader is a copy of ArcaneWare’s
Library 1.1 or later, along with a free powered USB port. Plug it in, scan
a barcode, and Library does the rest.

“With control over both the hardware and software experience, we have
created a seamless solution to manage book collections,” said Andrew
Kazmierski, President of ArcaneWare. “In just a few minutes, our users can
scan the books on their shelf, see them on the screen, sort and rate each
book, then export the list to the web to share with friends.”

The new ArcaneReader features:

– Plug-and-play integration with Library 1.1. Library will import a book
after it is scanned with the ArcaneReader, then automatically fill in the
book’s title, price, page count, publication year, publisher, and color
cover art using

– Library 1.1’s Batch Add allows users to scan and import a number of books
simultaneously, retrieving information for each scanner.

– Web Export allows users to publish information about their library on the
web. After scanning, a few simple clicks generates a uniquely designed
website, ready for upload via FTP or .Mac.

Sample Web Export:

– Easy-to-use trigger to start a new scan.

– CCD technology requires no cleaning or maintainence, like traditional
laser scanners. Rugged design stands up to daily use.

– Signals a successful scan with both a sound and a visual indicator.

– Integrated error-checking barcode value decoder ensures accurate scans.

– Includes 7 foot (213 cm) USB cable.

The ArcaneReader requires Mac OS X 10.1 or later and ArcaneWare’s Library
1.1, updated to that release today. It is available for preorder today at a
price of US $199.95. ArcaneReader orders will begin shipping on July 17th,

Additional information on the ArcaneReader is available here:

About Library
Library is an application that lets users catalog all of their books in a
database. It has many features to make cataloging easy. Library’s greatest
feature, “Autofill,” allows the software to automatically retrieve book
titles, cover art, and other information via an Internet link with and the book’s ISBN.

The ArcaneReader USB was developed for ArcaneWare through a partnership
with Intelli Innovations, Inc., a leader in barcode solutions for the Mac.

Press Contact:
Andrew Kazmierski