The Authors of The Backup Book endorse BackJack for Internet Backup
The Backup Book: Disaster Recovery from Desktop to Data Center
by Dorian J. Cougias, ISBN 0-9729039-0-9

BackJack by Synectics Business Solutions, Inc.,


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When Network Frontiers needed a place to store their most valuable asset,
The Backup Book: Disaster Recovery from Desktop to Data Center, they chose
BackJack. “Both BackJack and Apple have reliable Internet backup solutions
for the Macintosh,” stated Dorian Cougias, author of The Backup Book and CEO
of Network Frontiers. “We chose BackJack because they could support our
total data requirements of 3 Gig. Apple’s iDisc solution is restricted to
300 MB and really isn’t geared toward the organizational user.”

Network Frontiers is definitely eating their own dog food. The book features
an entire section on Internet backup, with 10 pages dedicated to BackJack
alone. “When people think of Internet backup, they think, ‘Hey, this is a
great way to protect my data if I lose it on the road.’ While that certainly
is true, Internet backup is more than that,” declared Cougias, the de facto
expert on backup and restore. “What data do you need most if your entire
building is gone and you’re relying on tapes stored offsite? Your catalogue!
Rebuilding a catalogue can take days, if not weeks. Just ask Mahboud
Zabetian of WildPackets. It took them seven days, 24 hours per day, to
rebuild their catalogue. Trust me, this is not how you want to be spending
your time during a disaster.”

Of the hundreds of products considered for inclusion in The Backup Book,
most never made it onto the pages of the book-but BackJack did, chosen as
best of breed for the Macintosh market. The company offers a cost-effective
Internet backup solution that is easy to use and reliable.

Dorian Cougias is the founder and CEO of Network Frontiers. Previously,
Dorian served as CIO of two of the world’s leading advertising agencies,
Fallon McElligott and True North Communications. Dorian has authored four
certification programs, eight books, and numerous technical articles. He’s a
member of the University of Delaware Technology Advisory Board as well as an
adjunct professor in the HRIM and distance learning schools.

Synectics Business Solutions, Inc. is rooted in Macintosh. From the
company’s inception in 1990 until early 1998, Synectics operated as a
Mac-only consulting/software development company, dedicated to both
recommending and implementing complete Mac solutions. In June of 1998,
Synectics proudly introduced the BackJack Online Backup Service. Since its
launch, BackJack has revolutionized the way Mac users back up and restore
their critical data. As a pioneer of this technology, Synectics now
dedicates 100 percent of its time to assisting Mac users worldwide with
their offsite backup and recovery needs. Synectics is a small,
privately-held company located outside of Toronto, Canada.

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