Runtime Revolution Acquires MetaCard Technology
Now Poised to Deliver New Generation of User-Centric Development Tools

Edinburgh, Scotland, July 8th 2003
Runtime Revolution today announced the acquisition of the MetaCard engine
technology from MetaCard Corporation. Revolution, the company’s flagship
multi-platform development system, is built on MetaCard technology. With
the completion of this acquisition, the company gains control over all
aspects of the technology and the business direction of its products.

“Today marks the beginning of a new Revolution,” said Kevin Miller, CEO of
Runtime Revolution Ltd. “With both the core technology and the user
interface under one roof, our customers will enjoy explosive growth in the
power of Revolution. Benefits for our customers will start right away.” Mr.
Miller went on to say, “We have enjoyed an excellent relationship and this
is the natural way forward for both companies. The acquisition is
indicative of the level of growth we’ve been experiencing.”

“With the introduction of Revolution 2.0 and the combination of the
MetaCard and Runtime Revolution teams, Revolution is well on its way to
being the strongest multi-platform development environment on the planet!
And it has HyperCard’s ease of use,” said Mike Markkula, co-founder of
Apple Computer and a Revolution user.

Revolution is user-centric development. With its natural-language syntax,
familiar to generations of scripting aficionados worldwide, it supplies
enterprise-class power to almost anyone. Users can build database
applications, games, educational tools, personal productivity applications,
and more – and easily deliver them on every major platform. The rich
toolkit provides simple yet powerful support for database access, Internet
technologies, XML, multimedia, and much more.

“MetaCard has been in development for over 12 years and has attracted a
loyal following. This sale will allow the technology to break through
barriers it never could before,” said Scott Raney, President of MetaCard
Corporation. “The future of multi-platform software development is Runtime
Revolution, and I’m pleased to be joining the development team that will
take it there.”

Information on pricing, versions, and local distributors, as well as a free
trial edition of Revolution for all supported platforms: Windows, OS X,
classic Mac OS, Linux and Unix, is available at (

About Runtime Revolution
Runtime Revolution was founded in 1997 and is based in Edinburgh, Scotland.
The company develops a range of user-centric and innovative software
products and provides consultancy services. For more information about the
company and its products, or to download a free trial version of
Revolution, visit (

About MetaCard Corporation
MetaCard Corporation was founded in 1990 to develop a more productive
application development environment for Unix workstations. The first
release of the award-winning MetaCard application was in 1992. For more
information about MetaCard and the history of MetaCard Corporation, visit