FairCom releases new version of c-tree Plus V7.12 for Mac OS X, with new
database API, additional interface technology, more

Columbia, MO July 3, 2003 =96 FairCom Corporation announced the latest
release of their popular c-tree Plus embedded database development system
for Mac OS X. This new release introduces a new database API, c-treeDB,
which is more convenient and simpler to use than the traditional ISAM
Interface. The release also includes significant new interface technology
to expose a new audience of developers to the proven core of c-tree Plus.
=93FairCom has always been committed to giving developers complete control
over the data management requirements of their application. This release of
c-tree Plus extends this flexibility in the form of new robust C and C++
APIs,=94 states to Randal Hoff, FairCom=92s Director of Business Development=

The c-treeDB interface implements concepts commonly associated with
database technology such as sessions, connections and tables. This API
significantly reduces the learning curve associated with implementing
c-tree technology. =93FairCom has always considered c-tree to be an
engineering-level database,=94 Hoff explains. =93While the =91hands-on=92=
level of
control offered by c-tree=92s direct ISAM access is often cited by our
customers as the strongest attraction to c-tree, we realize that in many
instances, a higher-level, simpler interface would be welcome. This is
particularly true for developers new to FairCom technology. Customers can
now be up and running in fraction of the time needed previously, without
sacrificing the necessary control. They can still drop down to the ISAM
level for the precision control that distinguishes us from other database

c-treeDB consists of 2 separate APIs: the c-treeDB C API and the c-treeDB
C++ API. The c-treeDB C API provides a full complement of C functions while
the c-treeDB C++ API encapsulates this same functionality in an
object-oriented class hierarchy.

FairCom has always allowed developers to use c-tree Plus to architect the
database model that best suits their application (i.e., hierarchical,
relational, or object-oriented). Thus, an application can utilize both
relational model database support and c-tree’s ISAM access simultaneously
within the same application.

c-tree Plus V7.12 for is priced at $895 and includes development servers
for the standard c-tree Server and support for 30+ platforms. Production
editions of the c-tree Server are licensed based on the platform and number
of connections per installed executable. c-tree Servers for Mac OS X start
at $790 for 8 connections, single or dual CPUs. FairCom offers quantity
discounts and flexible business models.

About FairCom

FairCom created Access Manager for Digital Research in 1979 and released
its first true application development tool, the original c-tree file
handler, that same year. Today c-tree Plus is running in over 100 CPU/OS
environments in more than 100 countries worldwide. FairCom has supported
Macintosh since 1985. FairCom technology is embedded in software utilized
by Federal Express, Computer Associates and Sharp Corporation. For more
information, contact FairCom Corporation in the US at 573.445.6833; in
Europe at +39. 035-773 464; Japan at +81.0592.29.7504; Brazil at
+55.11.3872.9802, or see