McWare USA Ships McSerialnumber=81 Shareware Edition v3.0 for Mac OS
Classic/X McSerialnumber Shareware Edition v3.0 is an integrated
Registration, Design and Administration Database including a high quality
SoftDongle Workshop for small and medium developers and ISV’s

Oldsmar, Florida US -. FL July 2, 2003 – McWare USA today announced the
release of McSerialnumber Shareware Edition v3.0 for Mac OS Classic and Mac
OS X 10.x.

The McSerialnumber Shareware Edition v3.0 offers an enhanced combination of
the cost effective registration database solution and the development tool
to build individually “Soft-Dongle-Type” Libraries. Every individually
“baked” Library can be easily integrated into any new or existing software
development project.

Version 3.0 Libraries enables a completely new Network-Copy-Protection and
licensing API as well as a hardware dependent Challenge Option. The user
interface and database is fully adapted to the new functionality.

While maintaining backward Metrowerks Codwarrior IDE and customer database
compatibility, McSerialnumber Shareware Edition v3.0 now fully supports
Apples Project Builder, GNU Compilers, Linkers and Cocoa Development.

Major features of the McSerialnumber Shareware Edition v3.0:

Excellent and easy to use Mac OS X compliant user interface. Separate
database files to store and keep track of all registered customer licenses
and products in a very effective way. A generic “Soft-Dongle-Type”-Library
Generator to create components for your company-owned solution enabling
your proprietary and unique registration scheme. Simple and well documented
API’s to the serialized local, hardware-dependent or network-savvy
“Soft-Dongle” functionality. Billions of Registration Code combinations for
encoding and decoding your customer registration information. Full support
of Macintosh-based Cross-Platform Mac OS and Windows as well as Cocoa
development Pricing Information

The shareware registration fee for the Single User License is $20.00. For
more details visit us at or send an E-mail to

McSerialnumber Shareware Edition v3.0 is available as a fully functional
Demo Version for free download. All the encoded or decoded
“Soft-Dongle-Type”-Libraries will be available after the purchase and
successful unlocking of the application using a valid registration code.