Announcing MacTech 2.0!

San Francisco, CA; Moscone West, Apple’s WWDC — June 23, 2003 — MacTech
Magazine announcd today that it has remade the magazine from top to bottom,
keeping the nuts and bolts, in-depth articles the magazine is known for …
but better! And the editorial staff is adding new, even more relevant
content including articles for Enterprise, IT professionals, QuickTime
content creators and Internet developers. Larger code listings have been
moved to the web to make more room for more articles each month.

The result: a magazine with a new technical crunchiness, and a wider appeal
than ever before.

* A new Editor-In-Chief — Dave Mark, renowned author and columnist
has returned to the magazine with his unique writing style, and a
more focused direction.

* New Columns:
This year we’re adding new content to appeal to a wide audience
and bring more programmers to our favorite platform. There’s so many
new columns and focus, it’s hard to describe them all, but you can
check them out below in more detail.

* World class authors — Check out a whole slew of new contributors
including notables such as Scott Knaster, Kevin Hemenway, John Welch,
Tim Monroe, Rich Morin and of course, Dave Mark himself.

MacTech’s New Column Lineup:

* Getting Started – Written by renowned book author and columnist Dave
Mark, this column brings Mac OS X, Cocoa, Objective-C and more to those
interested in getting started with programming. For those that don’t
remember Dave from his prior work with MacTech, he has an extensive
background in Macintosh and Unix development and has written more than a
dozen best-selling books, including “Learn C on the Macintosh” and the
“Macintosh C Programming Primer”.

* Mac OS X Programming Secrets – Written by celebrated book author and
technical writer Scott Knaster, this new column will take readers to the
next level as they explore the nooks and crannies of Mac OS X. Scott is
best known for his classic books “How to Write Macintosh Software” and
“Macintosh Programming Secrets”, which helped teach a generation of
Macintosh programmers their craft.

* Untangling the Web – Written by Kevin Hemenway, better known as Morbus
Iff and co-author of co-author of “Mac OS X Hacks”. Kevin describes the
column like this: Most spider webs contain elegant symmetry, layer upon
layer of silk and polygonal beauty. Some, however, create chaotic weaves
with no apparent rhyme, reason, or pattern. For those who’ve never delved
into setting up their own web server, this “tangled Web” of confusing
acronyms, daemons, and protocols is enough to make sucking blood a viable
career change. With MacTech’s “Untangling the Web” series, we’ll alleviate
your stomach knots with a start-to-finish guide of turning your OS X
machine into a web serving powerhouse. Free the butterflies!

* Patch Panel – Brought to us by John Welch, this monthly column covers
those issues related to setting up, managing and maintaining servers and
networks. Security, networking, administration and more.

* Cocoa Coverage – MacTech has been covering Cocoa since the days of
Rhapsody and OpenStep. Today, many MacTech articles are based on Cocoa,
but it still warranted a special Cocoa vantage point. MacTech has now
created a brand new Cocoa Editor position. As the keeper of the Cocoa
flame in MacTech, this column enhances the bridge to the Cocoa community.

* QuickTime development – Tim Monroe, the community’s resident QuickTime
guru, brings us a truly ingenious insight into QuickTime development and
technologies. No matter what your angle on QuickTime, you’ll learn
something from this insightful column for QuickTime developers.

* Section 7 – Rich Morin has been using Mac based Unix since 1986 (when he
helped Apple create A/UX). With his rich Unix and Macintosh background, he
helps readers explore the depths of Mac OS X at the command line interface.

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