Two eBay buyers recently had to surrender their new Macs bought on the Internet auction site, because the equipment was part of the loot taken in a window-smashing burglary at the Apple Store in Germantown, TN about seven weeks ago. “The events began with gunshots echoing through the early morning hours April 24,” reports “Bullets struck the windows of the Kroger store on Exeter. Half of the eight patrol cars on the overnight shift and a lieutenant responded to the grocery. About 15 minutes later, a 1993 Buick Century backed into the glass front of the Apple store at Saddle Creek less than a mile away. The Buick, stolen from the Fountain Square complex on Germantown’s western border, slammed into the window, and two men grabbed 11 computers, eight digital cameras and a couple of tripods. The armloads of equipment were valued at more than $30,000.”