“So why pay for songs when you can still use free downloading sites?” asks Megan Johnston in Business 2.0. “Well, since many free sites load spyware and transfer viruses onto your hard drive, and their most frequent users may soon be served with piracy lawsuits, it’s safe to say that you get what you pay for. In the case of Apple’s offering, that means a store that’s easy to use, completely legal and — frankly — dangerously addictive. You can search Apple’s library of more than 200,000 songs, sample 30-second sound clips for free, buy the ones you like with one click (after entering your credit-card information) and listen within seconds. After downloading, you can play songs on your computer, burn them onto CDs or instantly transfer them to your iPod… I returned to the site and bought music every day for a week, so enter at your own risk.”