NetOp Remote Control is now available for Mac OS X!

Hamburg, Germany — June 4th., 2003 — Xnet Communications – the
manufacturer of the well known FTP-client CaptainFTP – announced today
version 7.6 of the award-winning NetOp Remote Control, featuring a
wealth of improvements, including support for Mac OS X as well as
powerful, new security enhancements. System administrators from the
Windows environment can now remote control – besides Linux and SUN
Solaris – the Mac users as well.

Now with NetOp Remote Control 7.6 customers can even use a
Windows CE based PDA to remote control their Mac!

The new version of NetOp Remote Control also boasts significantly
improved performance. Intensive focus on TCP/IP traffic has led to
speed increases of up to 40% on some LAN configurations, drastically
reducing the transfer time for large amounts of data. Cross-platform
speed has also been increased in NetOp Remote Control 7.6, enabling
faster remote control of Windows hosts from platforms such as Linux
and UNIX. Providing the world’s most extensive cross-platform support,
NetOp Remote Control satisfies the need of enterprises with large,
complex networks to reduce costs and increase efficiency by making it
easier to remotely manage and troubleshoot the widest range of
computers securely.

Usability has been further improved with a range of features such
as directory service name resolving via LDAP, auto-authentication, and
better file transfer capabilities. Together with a series of other
modifications including helpdesk improvements, web updates, support
for dial-up networking on Windows CE, NetOp 7.6 offers users
significant extra value.

The price for a "Starter-Pack" consisting of one Guest-
and one Host-license is USD 179.00. A single Host from a 10 user
package is only USD 75.00 and decreases even more when the license
numbers grow.

NetOp Remote Control products are the reliable solution for a
stable "cross platform", "cross protocol"- remote
control. NetOp Products, together with a personal pre- and
post-sales-support can be accessed through Xnet Communications GmbH,
authorized distributors and resellers. A fully functional evaluation
copy and additional information can be found at (a