SyncDeK(tm) 4.6 Data Replication Released for FileMaker Pro

BERKELEY, CA – June 3, 2003 – A.E. Wood & Erickson today announced the
availability of SyncDeK 4.6, an upgrade to the leading data replication &
synchronization tool for FileMaker Pro. This new version enables developers
to more easily add support for data replication in their solutions. SyncDeK
4.6 reduces installation requirements and offers enhanced documentation
plus a simplified configuration interface. Special pricing is available for
SyncDeK 4.6 through June 20, 2003 (see related info).

“SyncDeK 4.6 is twice as easy to install, and more affordable than ever.
This is important for FileMaker developers who are seeing an increasing
demand for synchronization and data replication solutions from mobile users
and distributed organizations,” said Jason Erickson, CTO of A.E. Wood &

SyncDeK 4.6 solves data sharing problems that many FileMaker database
developers face. Without replication, traditional client-server databases
are challenged to fully support:

– Mobile, offline & remote users
– Data sharing between Multiple Offices / Multiple Servers
– Server-to-server synchronization
– Continuous server backup

SyncDeK 4.6’s robust data replication technology allows multiple,
distributed copies of a FileMaker database to synchronize data
bi-directionally, even without requiring direct connectivity. Data is
securely encrypted en route, without the overhead of VPN, SSL and other
transport-level security mechanisms. With SyncDeK and FileMaker Pro, mobile
database users can synchronize with an office server and each other.
Organizations with multiple offices can deploy multiple synchronized
FileMaker Servers for highest-performance data access at all sites. SyncDeK
replication also produces a continuous backup of data on “live” databases,
helping administrators recover from outages with minimal downtime and
minimal data loss.

For developers, SyncDeK provides a framework for building and managing
distributed systems in FileMaker. In addition to patent-pending data
replication technology, SyncDeK offers these essentials for managing
distributed database development:

– Unique ID generator
– Version Update Management
– Distributed User Statistics
– Conditional Sharing
– Conflict Detection & Resolution
– Version Control
– Audit Trail
– Automated Database Recovery

More information is available at

Special Pricing — $500 off SyncDeK 4.6 through June 20, 2003 A $500
discount is available on SyncDeK 4.6 bundles through June 20, 2003. Special
pricing starts at $900 for a software license plus 2 single-user activation
codes. SyncDeK is compatible with FileMaker 5.5 & 6 on Mac OS 9.x, Mac OS
X, and Windows 2000/NT/XP.

About A.E. Wood & Erickson:
A.E. Wood & Erickson develops SyncDeK(tm), world-class data replication
technology. Since 1988 the company has provided FileMaker database
solutions for major government and corporate clients. A.E. Wood & Erickson
is a FileMaker Solutions Alliance (FSA) Partner.