eSuite4X 2.5 – Web Developer’s Edition released: The easiest way to start
your own database driven web site with Mac OS X

Product Description:
Everything you need to start developing database driven web sites within 10
minutes. Using the eSuite4X graphical interface it has never been easier to
set up a local web server with access to your own database server. Includes
a local web server with all the features commercial scale production
servers and most ISP’s offer:

* Apache 2
* PHP 4.3
* WebDAV
* MySQL 4

The eSuite4X 2.5 – Web Developer’s Edition features:

* Graphical interfaces for easy setup and administration
* Manage MySQL databases, tables and users with our sophisticated GUI
* Integrated PHP Code Generator
* Publish your finished site to your production environment or web
hosting provider with a couple of clicks
* Make backups of your production database to your local system with our
easy to use Import GUI.

eSuite4X 2.5 is optimized for usage with Macromedia’s Dreamweaver MX,
Adobe’s GoLive and many major web authoring tools supporting WebDAV. For
more details about the features of eSuite4X 2.5 see the Online
What’s new in this version:
This release includes more than 100 new features:

* Integrated PHP Code Generator
* Includes SQL4X Manager J Enterprise Edition
* Now with MySQL4
* MySQL Backup Scheduler
* Mac OS X System Preferences pane to start, stop and configure your
MySQL and Apache server
* Enhanced online documentation

Who we are

The MACOSGURU Team is a part of InterServices New Media and delivers
professional solutions for graphical database management, eBusiness and
Intranet on Mac OS X.