ARTIS Software releases ARTIS Team Task Server 1.0

Kierling (Austria), May 27th, 2003. ARTIS Software today announced the
release of ARTIS Team Task Server version 1.0 for Mac OS X, a server
application to accept, store, and forward task items of ARTIS Team Task, a
networked task organizer.

ARTIS Team Task is a peer-to-peer (P2P) application using Rendezvous to
share tasks, ideas, and to-do’s. It takes task organization to the next
level by enabling users to send notes, tasks, or reminders to everyone in
their team.

ARTIS Team Task Server is a server application using Rendezvous to store
tasks for users who are offline and forwarding them when they come online
again. It works much like an email server, but for tasks. The server is
targeted for use in small and medium sized business installations.

ARTIS Team Task Server itself is free, but to create user accounts ‘server
user licenses’ have to be purchased for US$ 12.95 each. The free server
comes with two unlimited evaluation server user licenses.

More information is available from the website at:


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