PandaWare DiskWrangler 1.0.2 Adds Ease of Use To OS X File Launcher and
Browser Utility

Free Update Brings Improvements and Bug Fixes

SEATTLE, Washington (May 21, 2003) — The PandaWare Company has updated its
keyboard-powered Mac OS X file browser and launcher, DiskWrangler, to
improve usability. DiskWrangler 1.0.2 addresses a number of interface
improvements. DiskWrangler 1.0.2 is made with REALbasic from REAL Software,


* Better feedback during lengthy file copy/move operations
* Improved methods for changing file/folder owner and group
* Added hotkey options for Launcher
* Added “Check for latest version” function
* Better renaming of files/folders when copying to same folder
* Additional keyboard shortcuts for file/folder selection dialogs
* Additional Finder flag settings, and fixes for setting a folder’s Finder
flag settings
* When choosing “Other App” now honors user settings for post-launch
* Fixed a bug with changing file/folder owner and permissions when the user
name is longer than eight characters
* Fixed a problem with calculating free space on remote disks

DiskWrangler enables users to launch specific applications, files and web
and mail URLs, all from the keyboard. Launching and activating applications
is accomplished with a few keystrokes, allowing users to switch from one
task to another without having to shift their attention from the keyboard
to the mouse.

In addition, PandaWare DiskWrangler has a disk browser which lets users
view and manipulate files under keyboard control. In addition to viewing
files, the browser allows users to copy, move, delete and them, and view
and change file attributes, owner and permissions. Users can choose to view
and manipulate the files and folders the Finder shows, or see more detailed
views that include invisible items and files and folders in OS X’s Unix

FREE DEMO A demo version of PandaWare DiskWrangler 1.0.2 is available for
free download from The PandaWare Company’s Web site at
( The demo gives users 30 days to
evaluate DiskWrangler for free. By purchasing a license, users can unlock
DiskWrangler for unlimited use.

For more information on PandaWare DiskWrangler and other PandaWare software
applications, contact The PandaWare Company via email at

The PandaWare Company has been producing Macintosh software since 1991. The
company is best known for its TimeCache time and expense tracking software
for individuals and companies who bill clients for project work.