VRTools ships version 1.2.2 of deliVRator

Sydney, Australia, May 18th, 2003 — VRTools today announced the immediate
availability of deliVRator 1.2.2, confirming its commitment to the
worldwide community of QuickTime VR content producers.

deliVRator is a QuickTime movie editor for Macintosh offering the most
effective way to optimize web delivered QuickTime movies. It maximizes
interactivity for enhanced user experience of the movie while downloading
within the browser. Optimized movies can be tested immediately, at any
connection speed, with the emulated network connection. In addition,
deliVRator is a unique editor of low-level movie control structures,
QuickTime AtomContainers, and exportable image data.

The new version features include: carbonized to run on Mac OS X, cubic QTVR
optimization, a Movie Security Manager that protects movies from
unauthorized modification while securing the intellectual property rights
of content developers, and improved media sample editing that exposes low
level QuickTime data previously accessible only to developers.

deliVRator is used by QuickTime content producers to prepare internet ready
interactive QTVR and sprite movies and by QuickTime application developers
to understand the format of interactive movies. Now OS X users will be able
to experience the power and ease of use that deliVRator has to offer.

Founded in 1996, VRTools specializes in supplying products and services
that enhance QTVR content production. deliVRator, the company’s flagship
product, was launched in December 1998. The firm’s principal, Jon Summers,
former senior software engineer at Apple Computer, brings more than 15
years of software development experience. For more information about the
software visit ( or contact (