piDog Software announces TelnetLauncher v 2.5.6 and ScreenShot Plus v1.0.3.

TelnetLauncher is a bookmarking utility for launching telnet and ssh
sessions using Apple’s Terminal application. TelnetLauncher has received
praise for it’s simplicity and ease of use allowing users to quickly
configure remote login sessions with setting from terminal colors to
passwords. It even makes configuring remote and local port forwardings a
breeze. The latest version adds the ability to save sessions as
double-clickable shortcut files for use in launchers and other
organizational tools. TelnetLauncher is shareware and users are encouraged
to pay what they feel is a fair price, $20 is suggested.

TelnetLauncher can be downloaded from

ScreenShot Plus is an enhancement to Mac OS X’s built in screencapture tool
normally accessed by pressing shift-cmd-4. ScreenShot Plus is activated by
pressing shift-cmd-2 and uses apples screencapture tool to do the capture.
Users can toggle between area selection mode and window capture mode by
pressing the space-bar. Once a capture has been made, users can scale the
image and choose between several formats making ScreenShot Plus a must-have
tool for anyone posting screenshots on the web. The latest version uses
Apple’s Quartz rendering engine to scale images, resulting in the smoothest
captures available. ScreenShot Plus is $5 shareware.

ScreenShot Plus can be Downloaded at

Coming Soon! Updates for simpleKeys and piPop are in the works! Get your
feature requests in now!

Jim McKay
piDog Software