Free kit speeds process of converting FileMaker Pro solutions to MySQL

Bellevue, WA–May 15, 2003–Blue World Communications, Inc.–pioneers of
the Web Data Engine(tm)–today shipped the FMP2MySQL Kit. The free kit
includes tools and tutorials for converting FileMaker Pro solutions to
MySQL. The kit is designed to make it extremely easy for novice users to
migrate Web-bound FileMaker Pro solutions to MySQL.

“Our customers have been clamoring for an easy way to migrate their
FileMaker Pro Web solutions to MySQL so that they can reap the significant
rewards of using an industrial strength database built from the ground up
with the performance, reliability, and flexibility required for any 24/7
Web-based operation,” said Bill Doerrfeld, CEO of Blue World. “The
FMP2MySQL Kit squarely delivers on this need.”

“This kit will save countless hours and headaches for those making this
conversion,” said Mr. Doerrfeld. “After having performed multiple like
conversions within our own company over the past several months, we’ve
learned important lessons which we can now share with everyone who is
contemplating such a conversion.”

The FMP2MySQL Kit empowers knowledge workers to migrate solutions on their
own without the cost and complexity involved with hiring a dedicated
programmer. The kit also clearly explains the differences in database
architecture between FileMaker Pro and MySQL and explains how to replicate
all of the familiar and easy to use tools and functions built-in to
FileMaker Pro via tools which directly support MySQL. For example, the kit
explains how to use the recently released Lasso Reporter solution to create
reports on MySQL data similar to how one traditionally creates reports
within FileMaker Pro. The kit also demonstrates how to recreate summaries,
calculations, scripts and other proprietary FileMaker Pro routines to
Web-based routines tied to MySQL.

Contents of the FMP2MySQL Kit

The kit includes the following components:

Admin.LassoApp – Updated version of the Lasso Administration
LassoApp with enhancements which facilitate recognition of FileMaker Pro
data types when performing FileMaker Pro to MySQL conversions within the
Lasso Database Builder.

Example Databases – Contains three related FileMaker Pro database
(e.g. Products.fp5, Orders.fp5, Customers.fp5) which are used throughout
the tutorials in the white paper.

FileMakerProToMySQL.pdf – 80-page white paper with step-by-step
tutorials and in-depth coverage of all aspects of converting solutions from
FileMaker Pro to MySQL.

ReadMe.pdf – Provides instructions on installing the updated
Admin.LassoApp LassoApp along with an overview of the contents for the
FMP2MySQL kit.

About the FileMaker Pro to MySQL White Paper

The 80-page report provides in-depth coverage and step-by-step directions
on how to effectively migrate FileMaker Pro solutions to MySQL destined for
deployment on the Web. The 8 chapter paper is organized as follows:

Chapter 1: Summary
Tasks and Tools
Chapter 2: Architecture and Terminology
Database Design
Chapter 3: Conversion Tutorial
Prepare FileMaker Pro Database
FileMaker Pro Host
Lasso Database Builder
Best Practices
Chapter 4: Data Access Tutorial
Database Browser
Chapter 5: Lasso Reporter Tutorial
Chapter 6: Custom Publishing
Lasso Studio
Chapter 7: Custom Programming
Auto Enter/Validation
Chapter 8: Tools and Resources
Lasso Web Products
FileMaker Pro


The kit is immediately available for download on Mac OS X, Windows 2000/XP,
and Red Hat Linux via links contained in the Blue World Support Central
article covering the FMP2MySQL kit located at

About Blue World

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