FireWire Depot today introduced a 4U rack mount system capable of housing up to 8 removable, ATA-6 compliant trays. It offers 8 open 5.25″ and 1 open 3.5″ drive bays, optional hot-swap racks, and is priced at US$305 for the bare-bone rack mount. The company also announced the availability of FireWire cables with 90 degree connectors at one end “to make connecting to certain devices much easier and help clean up any cable mess.” They are available in 19, 31, 39 and 60″ lengths with prices starting at $29.95. In addition, FireWire Depot said that it is anticipating the arrival of new FireWire 800 products, including the Speedzter3-800 enclosure, a second FireWire800 PCI card, FireWire800 hub/repeaters and more.