Berlin and Prague – April 29th 2003

metaobject and OCSoftware release PostView, an advanced document and image

Designed from the ground up as a slim, efficient viewer and not as a
marketing tool or afterthought, PostView provides elegance that makes
document previewing, online reading and searching a a pleasure. PostView’s
creators were sufficiently unhappy with the current document viewing
options that they decided to create an alternative. PostView is the result,
and comes with these powerful features:

* View PDF, Postscript, EPS, TIFF, JPEG, GIF and a wide variety of
other image formats
* View facing pages
* Easily set a convenient viewing size
* Navigate via PDF outline

* Search for and copy text from PDF and Postscript files

* Print EPS/Postscript files on non-Postscript Mac OS X printers
* View paper boundaries overlayed on document

PostView is a fully native Cocoa application that uses the Embeddable
Graphic Object System (EGOS) to provide advanced Postscript and PDF

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About metaobject

Located in view of Berlin’s Olympic Stadium, metaobject creates publishing
software solutions and technologies that help you perform like a champion.
The Embeddable Graphic Object System (EGOS) is the basis for tools such as
PdfCompress or the TextLightning PDF to RTF text extractor. The MetaAd(tm)
content adaptation system captures and models Intelligent Design
Abstractions (IDeAs) for effective brand- and design-management over intra-
and extranets.

About OCSoftware

Located in the beautiful Czech capital Prague, OCSoftware provides unique
expertise for Apple’s digital hub, combining deep knowledge of A/V
equipment with great experience in programming the Cocoa environment and
its NextStep/OpenStep predecessors.

Marcel Weiher
Metaobject Software Technologies