ALAMEDA CALIFORNIA, USA, Monday April 28th 2003 — Schema Research Corp.
announces the immediate availability of SRMigrate version 1.1 supporting
database migrations to Sybase ASE. Source databases can be Oracle, IBM DB2
and Microsoft SQL Server.

In a single step SRMigrate converts a database and copies it to Sybase ASE.
Tables, columns, indexes, views and data are quickly and automatically
copied. SRMigrate also copies triggers and stored procedures and more when
migrating from Microsoft SQL Server to Sybase ASE.

What can take weeks of engineering effort is usually performed in less than
an hour with SRMigrate.

SRMigrate provides an immediate return on investment. It also provides
customers with new flexibility and it opens new markets for vertical,
enterprise scale applications. They can be ported to MacOS X and Sybase ASE
much more quickly with SRMigrate. Of particular note, the applications can
take advantage of the high-performance and low price-point that is provided
by the combined package of Apple’s XServe and Sybase ASE.

“SRMigrate is the perfect migration tool for the Mac community, which
requires its industrial-strength tools to also be extremely easy to use,”
said Darryl Salas, Alliance Manager at Sybase, Inc. “I was very impressed
with how quick and easy it is to move large databases with SRMigrate.”

SRMigrate 1.1 is available now for download and purchase for MacOS X
10.2/Jaguar. For more information, go to

About Schema Research Corp.
Founded in 1992, Schema Research provides products for enterprise data
management: SRTransport, SRAgent and SRMigrate. Available on multiple
platforms, these products can be integrated and embedded in vertical
enterprise applications. Schema Research is also a quality provider of
database consulting and application development services.

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