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Dear Snappers,

SnapMail 4 for OS X has arrived! A complete rewrite, SnapMail 4 moves
SnapMail into the 21st century, running over TCP/IP networks and supporting
Apple’s Rendezvous technology. SnapMail 4 will also run on Classic (this
version is in the final beta stages and can be downloaded at

SnapMail 4 will let you load your mail in from SnapMail 3. You will find
that SnapMail 4, while similar enough to SnapMail 3 to begin using
immediately, also has a few features that are new, and a few that have been
removed. Here is a summary of features in 4.0. Note that SnapMail 4 will
not talk with SnapMail 3.

– Send “Snaps” that notify the recipient with an alert pop-up.
– Respond to Snaps directly or with a single mouse click using
preconfigured “SnapBacks”(e.g., “Take a message for me,” “Yes,”
“Tellthem to hold,” etc.)
– Send attachments with your mail (including folders)
– Search for old mail items with Find
– Determine if your sent mail has been read (a checkmark appears in the
Sent Mailfolder)
– Create folders to organize your mail
– Proofread your messages using a while-you-type built-in spell checker
with a 90,000+ dictionary and spelling suggestions
– Create templates for text or forms that you send often including their
intended recipients.
– Print and save messages
– Customize SnapMail with many preferences
– Track mail that you have sent in the Sent Mail folder
– Create groups, soyou can send mail to a number of people with one easy
– Send reminder messages to yourself or others that will arrive at some
future time. Don’t forget your dentist appointment!
– Decide how you will be notified of mail delivery with sounds, icons, and
alert boxes
– Access Web links in mail items by clicking on them
– Find other users on your local network automatically and connect to
remote users over TCP/IP. SnapMail also supports Apple’s Rendezvous

SnapTalk 3 users can upgrade to SnapMail 4 with a 40% discount.

SnapMail 4 pricing will remain the same as SnapMail 3 and upgrade pricing
is 60% off of this price.

Your upgrade prices would therefore be:

Pack Business Education/Non-Profit
2 $31.60 $26.86
5 $59.90 $50.92
10 $115.80 $98.43
25 $239.50 $203.58
50 $399.00 $339.15

In addition, any upgrades we receive before May 20 will receive an
additional 5% off the prices listed above!! **

We hope you enjoy!


The Entire Glass Bead Team

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