Introducing WaterCooler

A Powerful QuickTime Tool for Internet Video without a Browser

Demo it here

New York NY April 18 “WaterCooler,” a robust, video work-flow management
tool based on the Apple QuickTime engine, has been introduced by Last Exit
( WaterCooler allows project teams in production and
post-production to share video and audio content via a powerful,
easy-to-use desktop interface.

EyeballNYC Launches a Browserless Website


New York-based design company, EyeballNYC launched their new website today
– without a browser. The company, in need of a platform to both archive and
present their extensive trove of commercial work, music videos, broadcast
graphics and works-in-progress, turned to new media interactive agency,
Last Exit for the project. Their solution: WaterCooler – a robust, video
work-flow management tool created by Last Exit that allows its first-time
user Eyeball to share video and audio clips via the internet without a
browser through an easy-to-use desktop interface.

WaterCooler delivers high-quality video content to end-users within an
easy-to-use, customizable environment. Separate from the Web browser, but
using networking technology, WaterCooler accesses client databases to
distribute video and associated information, such as credits, still images,
and supporting documentation. By delivering content in the QuickTime
environment, when the video content is the focus, WaterCooler removes a
layer of unnecessary software to keep the most important data in its native
surroundings, the video application.

Based on Apple Computer’s QuickTime engine, WaterCooler is a fully
customizable application accessible via the public Internet, local network,
intranet, and extranet. Built to run independently of Web browsers, this
tool is fully cross-platform compatible and requires no plug-ins. All that
is required is the industry standard Apple QuickTime 6.0 application.

WaterCooler integrates seamlessly with any video/audio database, requiring
no reorganization of file structures. Files are selected and uploaded by
the familiar process, with updates reflected immediately in the shared
tool. No unique skills are needed to add new users and content to a
WaterCooler database, so virtually anyone can add content.

WaterCooler Features

Public and private/client viewing interfaces Users and access privileges
are allocated and managed via an easy-to-operate user-base publisher.
Public users can view general/promotional video content while
clients/partners/colleagues can view video, audio and image content
specified for private and/or limited use.

Viewing Area
400 x 300 movie window, big enough for previewing work, manageable enough
to stream effectively.

Client/Project Listings and Text Areas
Navigable listings for an intuitive selection of projects. Version tracker
archives work in progress.
Text areas offer credits postings, project descriptions, instructions and
almost any textual content required to share.

Document Sharing
Posting of downloadable documents in .pdf or .sit formats.

Familiar Video Controls
Play, pause, fast forward, fast rewind, slow motion

Easy-to-Use Content Management System
Allows the user to manage and maintain all content housed and delivered in
Water Cooler.

The simple to user interface requires little or no training and offers the
user the power to upload new video/audio, documents and text files, to
delete unused files, and to assign new users and their associated

Standard security offers 40 bit encryption, though this can be modified to
suit requirements and can be extended to 128 bit or higher, as well as
integration of protocols such as RSA authentication.

Installation & Training
Two day’s installation, testing and verification of tool on client’s Web server
One day training on content management tool
One day training on optimal video encoding for the Internet

Additional Services & Modules

Design Service
Last Exit also offers fully customized user interfaces, creating a branded,
proprietary tool according to client’s brand guidelines and design

Full Screen Module
Launches full-screen video for focused viewing. Removes all additional
graphics and controls and blacks out the desktop.

Message board
Log and archive users communication exchange. Allows for immediate and
centralized commenting on projects, pushing Water Cooler towards an even
more formidable CRM tool.

User Tracking
Qualitative traffic reporting offers user tracking down to finite detail,
such as log-in times, duration, and file downloads.

Automated Storyboard Publishing
View storyboards as a click-through sequence or in a larger downloadable
“wallpaper style” document format.

Immediate Benefits to the Producer/Post Production Team

* Share files quickly throughout organization and beyond
* Control who is seeing content (and when!)
* Tiered Levels of Access
* Track who has seen shared material
* Unlimited content can be shared
* Unlimited user base
* Secure login from within the application
* Eliminate need for ‘going to tape’ or other hard media
* No unauthorized changes or modifications can be made to data
* No shipping costs/ faster delivery of material
* Without unnecessary duplication of data, content is available to
individual users worldwide
* Brand entire front end to remain in line with your business’s look (no
3rd party logos)
* No maintenance necessary for typical usage

Immediate Benefits to the End-User

* Easy-to-use interface
* Access to important data along side content
* Instant secure access to all needed materials
* No lengthy installation or new plug-ins, except standard QuickTime 6.0

System Requirements

Server System Requirements
Water Cooler will run from Windows or Apache servers.

* 1Ghz Processor
* Minimum of 80GB storage capacity on server
* Ability to run MySQL & PHP

Client System Requirements


* PowerPC processor-based Macintosh computer.
* At least 64MB of RAM (128MB minimum is preferred)
* Mac OS 8.6 or later; or Mac OS X v10.1.3 or later
* Quicktime 6.0


* Pentium processor-based PC or compatible computer
* At least 32MB of RAM
* Windows 95/98/NT/Me/2000/XP
* A Sound Blaster or compatible sound card and speakers recommended
* DirectX version 3.0 or later recommended
* QuickTime 6.0