As we noted earlier this month, Mac Design magazine Editor-in-chief Scott Kelby’s latest book takes a new look at converting from Mac OS 8/9 to Mac OS X. We got word today that book sales will start June 2 and pre-orders are being accepted now. However, early editions of the book will be on sale at the Mac Design Conference, which takes place May 28-30 in Chicago. “‘The Mac OS X Conversion Kit‘ (US$29.95) takes a unique approach to getting users up and running on Mac OS X. Rather than explaining the details behind each new feature, the Conversion Kit takes a ‘before and after’ approach to navigating through the operating system. Kelby dedicates two pages to each action, with the left-hand page explaining how the task was once done in OS 8/9 and the right-hand page explaining how to now complete that same operation in OS X.”