New Anti-Spam Service Works Automatically Without Effort – Extremely Easy Setup

Ann Arbor, MI, April 15, 2003 — Greenview Data, Inc., a computer software
and services company, has released the third generation of its anti-spam
service This service uses a unique combination of the
best anti-spam techniques to block over 98% of spam without blocking
legitimate e-mails.

The SpamStopsHere service works with entire domains, such as business
domains and personal domains. There is no software to install, maintain or
update; it requires only a simple change to the domain’s configuration. It
is a true “Sign up and forget service”. Optionally, users can customize it
with an easy-to-use, flexible web interface.

Unlike most other anti-spam methods, SpamStopsHere does not use error-prone
content filtering based on simple words and phrases. It is the first
service suitable for medical and legal organizations since it will not
block e-mails between patients and doctors, and between clients and
lawyers, regardless of their content.

SpamStopsHere blocks spam by using a constantly updated list of the domain
names and phone numbers found in recent spam, by using real-time
blacklists, by blocking entire countries notorious for sending spam, and
with other techniques. Each domain can select any combination of filtering
techniques and can set up personal blacklists and whitelists. Anti-virus
scanning is optional. Pricing starts at only $19 per month.

According to Ted Green, president, “Our goal is to provide the most
effective, accurate and flexible anti-spam service to businesses with
between 1 and 3000 employees. According to every one of our customers, we
have almost completely solved their spam problem.”

Greenview Data is best known for its powerful VEDIT (R) text editor which
has been licensed to over 150,000 users since 1980.

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