Monkeybread Software Germany releases 5 new Freeware applications made in
Realbasic with source code included.

This applications should give Realbasic developers an idea what they can do
with Realbasic if they also have a copy of the Monkeybreadsoftware Plugin
(which is currently available in Version 3.1 or 3.2pr11).

* Screen 640×480

A utility for web designer to see which part of the screen their website
should be viewable inside, so it can be viewed on older Macs. (for Mac OS X

* JPEG 2000 Dropper

A utility for converting any picture to JPEG 2000 using QuickTime. (for Mac
OS X with QuickTime 6)

* Fullscreen Movie Player

A free Full Screen Movie Player for QuickTime. (for Mac OS Classic, Mac OS
X and Windows)

* Follow Mouse

This simple fun tool to show a colored tail on the mouse cursor. (for Mac
OS X 10.2)

* Tree Size

Just to see how big folders and subfolders are. (for Mac OS Classic, Mac OS
X and Windows)

As all this applications come with full source code, feel free to change
them or add new feature you are missing.


PS: More applications will be postet over the week…

Christian Schmitz

Four thousand functions in one REALbasic plug-in. The MBS Plugin.