Subject: a new repository of Cocoa snippets
From: Dan Wood (

I’m pleased to announce the opening of an open-source repository
( of some useful Cocoa tidbits used in Watson and
some other projects I’ve been working on. Unlike the Omni Frameworks or
CocoaTech’s new frameworks , this is a lot less ambitious and less
packaged. It’s really just a weblog (Yes, Virginia, there is an RSS feed
( where each entry is just a snippet of
code. You need to copy and paste into your projects as needed. The
copyright is, I believe, extremely liberal (certainly not infectious like
the gnu license), but let me know if you feel it can be improved.

Why do this? Just a way of giving back to the Cocoa community that has been
so helpful to my efforts in building Watson

I’ll add to this repository occasionally as I run across more generic bits
of code, but don’t expect a steady stream! 🙂

Dan Wood
Karelia Software, LLC
Watson for Mac OS X: